The counseling center for victims of domestic violence

The counseling center for victims of domestic violence
We offer specialized assistance to everybody who is asking for social, legal or psychological therapy and support. We also evaluate people seeking temporary shelter.

The counseling center for victims of domestic violence which is part of Solwodi Association offers:

  • social counseling
  • psychological counseling
  • spiritual counseling
  • legal counseling


Social counseling

It is provided by a social worker. After he will understand the social problems you face, you will find together solutions to your problems. Social intervention varies and it is adapted on a case by case basis.

It may include:

  • professional reintegration (linking to professional courses/training; counseling for employment)
  • school reintegration (new school or kindergarten/after school), literacy courses for adults, new home
  • orientation to health care system, etc.


Psychological counseling

Domestic violence differs from father types of violence, because it occurs “behind the doors” with the consent of all. Generally, it occurs in the family which is the center of everybody’s life, the place where we are born and educated. Instead of being a development opportunity, life becomes a place of adverse consequences, consequences which are reflected in the mental state (depression, anxieties, and fear of death, comparing life with other children) and somatic condition (unexplained illnesses, slow physical development, enuresis and insomnia), but also in their school situation (changes in school performance) or social life (aggressiveness and running away from home, early pregnancy, drug and alcohol consumption).

The Romanian culture says that to beat the child means to educate him. There are several proverbs which sustains the beating, but nobody is interested in what does the child feel. There is no school where to learn how to be a parent. Parents think that they have full rights on how they educate their children. They don’t think about justice and loyalty.

The psychological counseling is provided by a psychologist therapist who has a relevant experience in counseling abused children and women, or victims of domestic violence. It may include:

  • individual counseling
  • family counseling (mother-child)
  • group counseling
  • parental education session


Legal counseling

The legal counseling is provided by a legal adviser who works for Solwodi Association and some associated lawyers. This service is offered free. On request, we offer other services: separation from the abusive spouse, custody of children, separation of assets, obtaining o protective order, prosecution of family’s perpetrators.

The legal counseling involves information and guidance.

  • legal proceedings that the victim may start for her personal protection and that of her children
  • obtaining her legal rights
  • the procedure of opening a legal action
  • preparation of necessary evidences required by the court

Within the limits of financial resources, Solwodi Association ensures direct representation in court asking for the services of specialized lawyers.